Male couples in the running, a first World Tango

Male couples dancing sensually have shaken the traditional World Tango Buenos Aires, a rather macho and conservative world returned to its origins.

A couple dancing tango August 20, 2013 at the World Tango Buenos AiresFor the first time in the history of this flagship event, which throng the best dancers in the world, three pairs of men and women, vying for the most prestigious title in the world tango.

Viewers advised of the 11th edition of the World cheered Juan Pablo Ramirez and Daniel Arroyo, while a classic 1940s echoes in the huge municipal Exhibition Centre.

Born in the brothels of Buenos Aires in the late 19th century, the tango was danced at this time among gentlemen anxious to harden before dancing with prostitutes. First despised, considered a dance of slums, it was not until the late 1910s that tango is gaining respectability in Argentina.

“There is a macho culture. But seniors enjoy. We are not in the transgression, the company is not ready. Change is slow,” said Daniel Arroyo, 18, under the watchful eye of her partner for six months, Juan Pablo Ramirez, a professional dancer of 34 years.

“We respect the codes and we frequent the milongas (traditional fairs where tango is danced, ed) without leg movements intermingled. Our goal (is that we forget that we are a couple of men) and we are told: + + what talent! “.

The two men lived with a partner but their sentimental separation has not jeopardized the duo of dancers. No lascivious postures or legs intermingled, not to offend sensibilities, the two men dance sober.

“A freedom”

In Argentina, where gay marriage was legalized in 2010, gay milongas were born in Buenos Aires. Also, the director of the World Tango Gustavo Mozzi, also a composer and musician, is expected to see a couple of men point the tip of their shoes, because no rule has never prevented from participating.

“This means there is an opening in the tango tour, he notes New generations take their place;. Evolution, change, vitality.”

If couples of men participating in the World belong to the gay community, this is not the case of Marlene Heyman, who sells dance shoes 31, and Christe Lucia, violin teacher of 32 years. They started dancing together for lack of suitors.

“Nobody asked us to dance to not sit still drinking wine, it was said. + We will have fun and have a good time + We started as a passion and we won.” Marlene tells Heyman.

We refer to them “you’re brave”, “good vibrations”. “The eyes of others matter to us,” says Lucia Christie.

The two women are dressed in identical black trousers and short-sleeved blouses in pastel colors.

Marcelo Siufe, a nurse of 41 years, puts on her heels, resulting index that will be led by her partner. “Dance has no sex. Formerly (tango) danced between men. I can dance with my sister or my mother. Tango is passion and imagination,” he said before going on stage.

The tango, registered in 2009 in intangible World Heritage of Unesco, “is sentimental, romantic, dramatic, it is an art, a freedom,” explains Juan Pablo Ramirez.

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